History Of Evolution Of Two Wheelers: Bicycle And Motorcycle

History of Evolution of two wheelers: Bicycle and BMW Motorcycles\r\n\r\nA vehicle history report provides all the information about the history of any car, train, boat or truck. It is also known as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Check, VIN Number Check or VIN lookup. BMW VIN is very essential to get VHR of any transport.\r\nIn this article, we would like to focus on the VHR of two wheelers- Bicycle and Motor bike. These two are the most basic and ancient form of transport that was used by colonizers first. Down follow brief histories of these two recognized two wheelers.\r\n

\r\nBICYCLE- The First Mode of Transport
\r\nIt was 1817, Germany, that the first archetype of bicycle was first made. The term is coined in France though, a bit later in 1860s. Though it was hugely argued that the origin of bicycle belongs to 16th century (1534), but in 1998, it was officially proved to be fraud, but the similar kind of pattern of the 1534 sketch is being followed till date. Later it was 1792, that ‘celerifere’, the first verified model of bicycle, was invented by Comte the Sivrac.\r\nThere were several stages through which bicycle has been modified till today and are continuously getting modified. In 19th century, the Draisine/ Velocipide, the first verified model of bicycle, was invented by Baron Karl Von Drais. In the early to mid- 19th century (1820s-1850s), came tri-cycles and quadra-cycles; the ‘Boneshaker’ in 1860s. 1870s saw the ‘high wheel bicycle’, later on modified to a ‘safety bicycle’ in later 1880s and 1890s. Leading to the ‘Roadster’, the first 20th century bicycle. During these century the other kinds of bicycles that dominated are-Flying Pigeon, cruzer, racer, BMX and Mountain bikes.  Finally, 21st century saw ‘Hybrid’, ‘Commuter’ and ‘recumbent bicycle’.\r\n
\r\nMOTORCYCLE- The modified two wheeler
\r\nIt was 1894, that has been identified as the birth time of motorbike by Hildebrand and Wolfmuller. A motorbike is very utilitarian for its lower price and fuel economy. There are different types- Street (cruisers, sports bike, scooters, and mopeds), Off-road bikes and Dual purpose bikes. The evolution history of BMW Motorcycles is as follows- a) Michaux-Pierreaus Steam Velocipede(1867-68), b) Roper Steam Velocipede (1867-68), c) Daimler Reitwagen (1885), Butler Petrol Cycle (1887)(petrol run three/>3 wheelers, and finally Hildebrand & Wolfmuller in 1894. Among the leading motorbike companies, Orient Aster, Triumph Motorcycles, Royal Enfield are famous. The First World war saw the emergence of the Harley Davidson model of motorbikes. Besides, Japanese Honda Super Cub, Hero Motocorp, Bajaj and TVS Motors are also famous production companies of motorbikes. Each company has unique codes and each vehicle carries unique VIN number. The condition of any two wheeler can be identified with the BMW VIN lookup.\r\n\r\nMore at https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/BMW\r\n\r\n